There are a ton of options on the automotive market these days for drivers looking to optimize the fuel efficiency of their new vehicles. However, one fuel technology that has not been garnering as much attention as hybrid or electric is clean diesel, and the TDI series for Audi is literally changing the game in terms of extremely high fuel efficiency vehicles.

And now, with three unique TDI series options within the 2014 Audi new model lineup, this incredibly innovative and efficient technology is more readily available for consumers here in our own Eau Claire, WI area and beyond.

Just how efficient are these new TDI models? Well, the three Audi TDI clean diesel models were recently tested in a coast-to-coast by 8 well-known professional drivers, and in a very interesting turn of events, the drivers were able to achieve better-than-advertised mile per gallon ratings! Yes indeed, these models actually beat their EPA estimates in terms of fuel mileage, providing even more value to drivers who choose one of these vehicles.

One example of this is the Audi A6 TDI, which improved its EPA estimated miles per gallon by over 50 percent, for a grand total of 43.561 miles per gallon. Likewise, the Audi A7 TDI clocked in at 42.653 miles per gallon which is 47 percent higher than what the EPA gave it credit for.

During Audi's testing to determine these speeds, drivers were instructed to stay within all posted speed limits.

Would you like to see how much one of these clean diesel TDI options could save you on fuel? Come visit us soon at 5201 Fairview Drive in Eau Claire, WI.

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