German automaker Audi built on its already impressive sales figures this May, ending the month with a total of 137,200 new cars sold. 137,200 models sold is not only an impressive statistic on its own, but this number also represents a 6.4% sales increase in comparison to the previous year. 

For some added perspective, year-to-date sales for Audi total roughly 640,200 units, also an over 6% sales increase from the previous year. Certainly impressive, but these are the kind of numbers Audi is used to seeing

That being said, the significance of these statistics has not been lost on Audi management. ""Despite ongoing challenges in the European market, Audi increased global sales in May. Double-digit rates of growth in Asia and the Americas played a crucial role," says Luca de Meo, member of the Board of Management for Sales at AUDI AG. ""Business for Audi is especially dynamic in the United States, where we are clearly on course to achieve our sales target of 150,000 units in 2013.""1

The facts back up Mr. Demeo's assertions , as Audi has increased North American deliveries to around 18,000-an incredible 17.9 percent% year-over-year increase.

As for how Audi has fared in the United States, specifically, a total of 13,228 deliveries were made in June, which is a rather sizeable portion of North American sales from June.

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