At Audi Eau Claire, we like to stay well informed about what is new with our manufacturers, and we also like to share what we learn with our customers here on our blog. And today, we certainly have some interesting news to share. Audi has recently revealed exciting details concerning its innovative new Matrix LED headlight technology. And almost more excitingly, it was stated that the new headlight technology will be part of a brand-new Audi A8 set to be revealed in late 2013.

The A8 is set for a mid-cycle refresh, but due to some incredible new features (like the new Matrix LED headlights), that go beyond the scope of normal, mid-cycle touch-ups, Audi is treating the new A8 as if it was entering an entirely new generation .

Audi Matrix LED technology is unique and innovative in a couple of ways. First, the light itself is composed of 25 high-beam LEDs, clustered in groups of five and paired with reflectors. Secondly, Audi actually links the individual lights within the headlight to the GPS and other computer systems within the car, for more advanced and automated control over headlights than ever before. Therefore, individual groups of high-beam LEDs (diodes) can be activated or deactivated according to conditions.  Basically, Matrix LED headlight technology can brighten, dim, or extinguish lighting based on road and traffic conditions, and the car can utilize navigational technology to make those decisions on its own.

Unfortunately, Matrix LED technology may remain out of the reach of American drivers for the time being, as the government does not see the same benefits in the technology as they do at Audi. But, Audi and other manufacturers are currently petitioning the National Highway and Traffic Association, and hope to have a favorable decision soon. 

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