Looking more aggressive than ever, the incoming 2015 version of the always-popular Audi Q5 full-size CUV model is a three-row seated, large cargo area, performance based model which while already excellent, will be receiving some very noteworthy exterior and interior updates, and because the model was recently tested in the final road-testing phases along the beach in southern Europe, we thought we might take a  minute to highlight some of the released updates to the model for our value Eau Claire, WI Audi fans.

Starting with the exterior updates, in 2015, the Q7 will feature and even more eye-catching metallic grille, one inspired by the Crosslane concept which was recently debuted, and the headlights are inspired by the ones featured on the A8. The model's overall exterior appearance is similar, but more refined, sleek, dynamic, and sitting atop a widened stance which is accented by 18 inch wheels, allowing for a more powerful and aggressive look overall.

Also, the incoming model will shed more than 700 pounds when compared to the outgoing one, because of a new and lighter platform that Audi finished development on in the last year. The powertrain design has not been completely finalized as of this writing, but the word around the industry is that it will feature and eight-speed torque-converter type automatic transmission.

Can’t quite wait around for the next model year? The current 2014 Audi new model lineup is nothing short of excellent as well, so visit us soon at Audi Eau Claire, proudly serving Eau Claire, WI and beyond.

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