Audi Reaches Excellent Level of Sales in May

Showing us all once more that motorists, world-wide, benefit from the luxury and superb German engineering it offers, Audi, is spinning from a very effective new car sales month.

Particularly, we would like to mention the newest results for May 2013 which portray a 6.4 % rise in overall sales for Audi compared to the year previous and add up to as many as 137,200 models offered.

Audi gurus, for example, Board of Management Member for Sales at Audi AG, Luca de Meo, notice that the European market is a challenging one to possess a presence in, lately. And as being a European car maker you might presume Audi to be battling with these challenges, right?

Well really, despite some market hiccups, that not even popular brands are impervious, Audi had such substantial development in other regions, the European hindrance passed without an excessive amount of incident for that car maker.

And actually, the following within the U.S., Audi has shown amazing gains towards the tune of the 15% increase, year-over-year, and 17.9 % for the whole North American  region.

We certainly are happy with Audi and it is achievements for May. We anticipate seeing how good the car maker works within the next several weeks. If you would like to follow along, we invite you to subscribe, via your Feed, to the Audi blog where Audi Eau Claire posts the most recent news and events from Audi.

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