Audi LED Lighting

Efficient, reliable, one-of-a-kind. 
Audi was the first automobile manufacturer to recognize the potential of revolutionary LED lighting technology and then incorporate it during development of its vehicles. The brand with the four rings has since acquired a technological edge putting it years ahead of the competition, and is a key driver of this innovation. Crucial for the exterior design: Not only during the day but also at night, all Audi models are recognizable at a glance thanks to LED daytime running lights. 

And each Audi has its own personality: The sweeping light strip on the Audi A1 exudes determination. And that of the new Audi A8 radiates strength and dominance: Its headlights were designed and constructed entirely on the basis of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED technology.
The LED headlights are an area of technology in which Audi is well ahead of the competition. They were introduced in 2008 on the R8 high-performance sports car; since then the brand with the four rings has repeatedly extended its lead. The LED headlights concentrate Vorsprung durch Technik in a visible and tangible way.

LEDs do not reach especially high temperatures. Red light-emitting diodes withstand about 120 and white ones 150 degrees Celsius - much less than halogen headlights, which generate temperatures of up to 400°C. Audi's designers therefore make sure that the LEDs transmit their heat in a targeted manner to the headlight glass, in order to keep it free of snow in winter and prevent misting over.

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